Exclusive Services

We offer one-on-one sessions, tailored to your personal healing journey.  There are no time limits with these sessions, with a flat rate of $500 each.  We cherish your investment into you as you trust us with the most precious gift:  YOU

Life Coaching and Mentorship

It's your life, your experience, your evolvement.  What you give to yourself is exactly what you receive.  The work starts on the inside.  Our life coaching service gives you personalized tools and resources to help YOU heal YOU and continue to thrive, in all areas of your life.  As you invest in your healing, we are honored to invest in YOU       


Wellness Consultation

Dis-easement is a reflection of unprocessed, buried emotions that have stored in the body.  Our physical bodies always communicate with us; they reveal the well-being of our minds, emotions, and spirits.  The wellness consult gets to the root of your dis-easement(s) and shows you how to continue healing all of you.  This requires dedication to YOU.  You health is infinite and on-going, it's up to you


Healing Past Traumas

How can we build on crumbling, rotten foundations?  We must find the core of our pain to end the cycles of suffering.  You intuitively know when you're ready to confront abuses of the past.  This is a trusted, sacred space that we hold dear.  You are learning to value YOU through this process.  All of your emotions and thoughts are valid and deserve to be heard.  We cherish this opportunity with you.  This is YOUR life, you can begin anew in the life of your choosing


Learning Your YOUniversal Language

Your world is in constant communication with you.  You perceive a custom life experience, unique to only you.  Too often the focus is placed on the small picture events and goings-on.  What about the big picture messages?  YOUniversal language is how your life speaks to YOU; synchronicities, gut feelings, dreams.  You can easier navigate your life when you're aware of what your YOUniverse is saying.  The key to this is presence and clarity.  Learn how to trust your intuition and follow the communications of YOUniverse

Let's Work Together

The way we heal and change the world is through our own personal healing and changing.  It's up to us and it begins now