Unconditional Love for Self

Hello All,

It's self-love time! Thank you for visiting, here's how we're learning about unconditional love. Let's get to it: we have beat the term "love" to death. It's a knee-jerk response by now, We hear it and say it, do we feel it? Most love we have experienced has been conditioned. We love something if, or because someone loves us, we feel obligated to do such and such. It's a tit-for-tat situation. So what does unconditional love feel like? It's a bit of a mess we're in. It's also a beautiful awareness. We can begin our self-love journey unconditionally.

Here's what we do: feel what love feels like. Sit with you and only you. This is YOU being with YOU. What does love feel like to you? It's unique for each of us. There are no wrong answers. Focus on the feeling. Build on it. Don't think about it. Feel it. That's genuine unconditional love. Enjoy it! The more you explore what love feels like to you, the deeper you'll venture into unconditional love. It's infinite.

This is where the fun begins. Here is where we can change those things we're not so hott on. This is what works for us: to make space for newness, we have to first create the space. We get to let go of what's no longer serving us and replace it with that unconditional love feeling. To let go, we need to hold ourselves accountable of that behavior, cycle, thought pattern--whatever it is we're letting go of. Voicing it helps us. "Yes, I did that. That was how I got by. I was surviving and I now choose to change and thrive." Acknowledge that accountability in ways that work for you. You have to face and accept it to let it go.

Now, let go of all judgement! What really helps us with this is to neutrally observe what consciousness we were operating in. Most likely, we were coming from fear. We were in survival mode. Own that. That gives us the power to change it! We're consciously choosing unconditional love consciousness now!

As you continue owning it and letting it go, work through it. Breathe, work out, listen to music, bake cupcakes--whatever it is for you, zen out and get it out. Cry, scream, rage--do so safely. You're healing you, listen to your intuition and trust it. You'll know when you've processed it. It's exhausting and exhilarating. You're shedding low frequency emotions and their physical and mental cycles and immediately replacing those with unconditional love and intent. That's big work. You are now consciously choosing unconditional love for you, which begins to reflect in your Universe.

That's what we have--so far. Thank you for a space to share, may it add to your journey. Anything you'd like to share, please do! Keep falling in love with you and your world


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