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What's up, Everybody?

Thank you for checking out Oneness. We'd like to share some tools that add to our unconditional love awareness. May it add to you, in any way.


Our physical bodies are precious. They communicate with us in every moment. Dis-easement and dis-comfort are messages from the body, saying, "Yo! STOP, something's off!" When we ignore those messages, the unprocessed emotions store in the body and manifest as dis-ease. Fear and ignorance will feed the disease, unconditional love will expose it and help you heal it.

This is where you and your body learn how to communicate with each other. The body is a map, follow it's markers. Listen to it and feel it. What's it saying? What's making itself known so it can be released? Now is when we get physical--to evolve, we gotta move. Stretching helps us release those stored emotions. We're also big fans of the handheld massage guns, they're perfect for shaking loose that trapped energy that's deep in the muscles and bones. However you enjoy moving, do it. Be present with the body as it communicates to you using physical sensation. What's coming up emotionally and mentally? Those are all clues for you.

When the body experiences a release, the heart and mind do, too. Get it out however you need. You're making space for newness! This is when breakthroughs happen and we experience enlightenment. Knowledge is infinite and it's waiting for us. Get the vessel clear, maintain it, and move forward.


Reflection-Projection. It's in the name. What we project, reflects. The world shows us us, there are mirrors all around. How we feel about ourselves reflects in our world. What are we projecting outwardly that's really happening on the inside? What needs our attention within us? Reflection-Projection helps us get to the root. We like to ask, "What consciousness am I operating in when I'm projecting? Fear or Love?"

The cheat code for us is to choose to project unconditional love. While you're strengthening your intuition and learning your Universal language--how your Universe communicates with you through your intuition--you can commit to giving unconditional love to yourself and your world. This is when the WE-ME comes in: what we give ourselves, we give to the collective--that's ALL life, we're all energy and that's what connects us ALL. What does the ME give to the WE, moment-to-moment? Every emotion and thought is energy given to the collective. What consciousness are we in?

When we're in unconditional love consciousness, our projections become easier to catch. We can use those projections as positive learning experiences. When we catch ourselves projecting a negative cycle, we can put a positive spin on it by picking out the gems of that experience, learning from and appreciating those gems, and moving forward. This is a powerful awareness. Our personal happiness, success, growth, and evolvement are dependent on us, not on anyone else or our outward circumstances. That's personal power! And that adds to the WE!

We're all in this. There is no ME without the WE. What does a world of unconditional love feel like to you? It starts with internal work. Get to the root, ask questions, and trust your emotions and intuition. We appreciate learning from you. If you'd like to share tools that help you on your journey, please message us. Thank you for the space to share. Keep moving forward, keep evolving!


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