Power of Presence

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for being here. Let's talk presence and why it's important for our healing. When we are here & now, our energy is automatically with us. We experience synchronicity and harmony. We are BEING! That BEING feeling makes it easy for us to identify when we're out of presence. Usually, we're lost in thoughts and emotions that are completely removed from the present moment. Our energy is scattered--we are literally scatter-brained. Remember: energy flows where attention goes. The more in the moment you are, the more energy you have.

So how do we get present? Here's what's working for us:

  • Do what you love and love what you do: Doing what you love is a no-brainer. You're in a flow and all your attention and focus is in that activity. What about those less-than-ideal situations? We all have responsibilities. We also have the free-will choice to view them positively. Removing the judgement from the situation is key. It's simply an experience you're experiencing. You are a human being

  • Breathing also keeps us present. Following the breath connects you to the moment. Breathing quiets the mind and allows you to feel with your heart and intuition. That's why we have emotions and instincts--to successfully guide us through what's happening presently. Breathe life into those intelligence centers!

  • Tap into your senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel? Let your senses lead you to presence. You're experiencing, what do you sense?

Thank you for giving us the space to share some ways we stay present. What gets and keeps you present? We appreciate anything you'd like to share with us and the collective, send us a message. Enjoy living in the moment!

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