Inner Silence: Breathing

The intent of this breathing is INNER SILENCE. We’re taught to breathe shallow, through the nose, from the neck up. We’re very “in our heads.” The rest of the body is suffocating, and so is our “gut-feeling” intuition center. To calm the mind, nourish the body, and strengthen our intuition, we’ll be breathing with all three quadrants: belly, chest, head.

· Begin by standing comfortably

· Inhale through the mouth—envision the breath coming up through the sexual organs

· Follow the breath up the spine—draw in belly

· Diaphragm and chest expand, shoulders stay relaxed

· Keep following breath—up spine, neck, over top of head. Stop and hold breath in the middle of the forehead. HOLD AS LONG AS POSSIBLE

· EXHALE—first through nose. This clears the head

· Then through mouth—follow the breath down the front of the body, out through sexual organs

Practice. 10 seconds a day. Start small. As this breath becomes easier, check in more often. Intend for 30 seconds of inner silence a day. Then one whole minute. Progress. There are 86,400 seconds in a day and 1,440 minutes. 10 seconds, 30 seconds, one minute and more for inner silence?

There’s an additional movement to this breathing. While holding the breath, gently move the head to the right shoulder. Exhale through the nose and ears as head slowly turns to the left shoulder. Finish the exhale through the mouth and move the head back to the right shoulder.

The quickest way to inner silence: BREATHING. Set the intention for inner silence, then place all your attention to following the breath as you practice this breathing. This is called meditating. Meditation is clearing the mind and placing an attention on an intention. Discipline.

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