Happy Mother's Day to the O.G. Healer: Mother Earth

We ALL have a Mother to celebrate, and we're standing on her. Do we thank her? And, if we do, what's the sincerity of our thanks? In all our "humanness," we often disregard the keystone to our existence and experience--a planet on which to live and call "home." Let's pause and appreciate the planet that makes life possible. She is the supreme healer. The ultimate nurturer. She's always there for us, giving us clues to ourselves and better ways of living. She is Mother to all and she is wondrous.

Our environment is a reflection of us. How we live is very telling. It's the best indicator as to what we really think and how we genuinely feel about who we are and what we intend. How are you living? Respectfully, consciously, intuitively? Aware of you and your intention?

Most of us are far from living this way, or have lived this way. It's ok to admit. In all actuality, we live in a realm of indifference where life happens to us and we become reactive. We're oblivious to our intentions and to the world around us. It's reflected in our lives in every aspect. Our surroundings are reflecting our inner emotions and thoughts. Our inner emotions and thoughts are constantly reflecting in our surroundings. How is your life? Organized? Messy? Somewhere in-between? The world around you is giving you the most important clue: that of reflection and turning inward.

How do we step into awareness and establish a conscious, moment-to-moment intent? How do we improve? Get clear and get a fresh perspective. Earth, our Mother, is here to help, and she'll be there every step of the way. Wherever you are, connect with her. Talk to her. Ask her anything. Go outside. Smell her. Put your feet in the cool grass. Let her soil slip through your fingers. Feel the breeze as it kisses your face. Listen to her and what she has to say. Let her do what she does best: nurture and heal. The setting is irrelevant. You live on a planet that is alive. Experience her. City or country. High-rise or two story, three-car garage. Through a window or at a park. Earth has you.

What is it that you, the you that is pure, Unconditional Love, desires? What do you want, at the innermost level? Ask. Ask the real you, the you that is behind all the veils and layers of the conditioned reality we know as " everyday life." The answer you receive is your INTENT and it is everything. Every moment of your life has an intention. This is living life with awareness. For most, it's a whole new way of living, from a new perspective. Sit with your intent. BE with it. Simply BE. BE with you, your intent, and your Mother, Earth.

Be patient. Intent is a powerful force. Let your bluffs get called. Your intent will reveal to you if it needs refining, retooling, and reshaping. Commit to YOU and the PURENESS of your INTENT. The more energy behind your intent, the more powerful it becomes. Watch your intent shape your world. Let it reflect in your life, your surroundings, and the Earth. It all begins with you. This is your journey. Remember, Mom is here for you. Give her your Unconditional Love and let her Unconditionally Love you.

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