Creating Oneness

Is “life” working for us? What is this reality about? Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Life, as we know it, is conditioned. We were all born into a conditioned reality. Every. Single. One of us. Whether you were wanted or a “whoopsie,” you were raised conditionally. A well-behaved baby equals instant approval, which we call “love.” As if humans even know what that term truly means. Anything outside of good-natured—fussiness, crying, jaundice, spitting out your pacifier—was judged and labeled as negative; hence, disapproval, dislike, and unlovable.

As we grew up in our conditioned environment, we quickly learned how to receive acceptance from a tribe, whomever we associated with. Acceptance equals love to us. Praise equals love. Safety equals love.

The reality of the reality is this: the majority of us have no concept of love, since love is pure and unconditional. We are completely removed from love due to the conditioned world we were born into and continue to live in. We perpetuate the conditions and the cycle thrives.

That’s the root. We all want to be seen. We all want to be heard. We all want to feel loved. And yet, we are all suffering from the same thing: a broken heart. How can we heal each other when the world in which we live is flawed? More importantly, how can we heal ourselves as individuals when everything around us is conditioned? We all want a better life—for ourselves, for those in our lives, for people everywhere—so what’s stopping us? Why do we live in fear of writing a new script that benefits all, including the Earth?

In the following posts, we’ll write a new script. Together. A script that unites us. That honors Earth. That’s pure. And we’ll remember our true nature: Unconditional Love.


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