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Our Shaman & Healers


Shawn Opunui:  Master Healer & Nagual Shaman 

Ascended Master of W.L. Initiations

  • Specializes in DNA retraining & rewriting (genetic & energetic ties)

  • Frequency Evolvement, Improvement, Heightening

Ascended Master of Toltec Shamanistic Lineage or Nagual

  • Specializes in Clairvoyance & Clairaudience ​

  • Dream Interpretations

  • Subconscious & Conscious

  • Mental Acuity

Ascended Master of Lomi Lomi

  • Specializes (or Kahuna) in touch & touchless bodywork 

Christa Gross:  Apprentice Healer

Specializes in:

Breathwork & Mind-Body-Soul Connection

Recapitulation (recollection of energies)

Intuitive Training

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