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What is Esoteric Healing?

True Esoteric Healing begins with the Practitioner.  A Master of the Esoteric Healing Arts has a pure intent to heal, on all levels, dimensions, and in all aspects.  This includes being free of all disease, all karmic cycles, and all conditions, down to the DNA strands Otherwise, how can a healer heal if they, themselves, carry any diseases, illnesses, and conditions?   

Esoteric Healing is the bridge between the physical body and the energetic levels of the DNA strand.  EVERYTHING is energy.  YOU are energy, every atom has an energy and every subatomic particle has an energy.  Esoteric healing rewrites and retrains molecularly, cellularly, and genetically.  The physical body experiences healing from the inside out, starting on these levels.  Once these levels are retrained and rewritten, the physical body heals.  


The Esoteric Healing Process

The subconscious mind is always speaking, whether or not it is heard by you.  This is how our Master Healer heals, through your subconscious and with your subconscious, retraining and rewriting the atoms and molecules of your DNA.

  • Initial Consultation:  first meeting, receive health assessment, discuss treatment plan; Energetic "Tune-Up" of Chakras

  • Post-Consultation:  Sessions are in-person/virtual, 30 minutes*

  • Two follow-up breathwork sessions included for integration







*Please Note

When introduced to these high and new frequencies, your body may need time to acclimate and adjust.  Please remember that all disease, sickness, and chronic conditions are accustomed to low frequencies.  Depending on the severity of that which you are seeking treatment, you will experience the shift in frequency uniquely.  

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