Conscious Evolvement

This is a space that promotes conscious evolvement.  Everything we do has a purpose.  We are aware.  We intend to add to a collective that chooses equality, harmony, and progression.  We invite you to join us and to share your knowledge as well.  It's how we heal and move forward.  

Below is a brief overview of the site.  Enjoy!


Breathing, Intent, and Presence.  We like to keep it simple.  This is where we make the conscious choice to heal, beginning with ourselves 


Get quiet, get clear, get present

Leaves Shadow
White Room

Unconditional Love for the self.  This is where the work begins.  We explore what Unconditional Love really feels like, it's unique for each of us.  We follow our intuition.  We strip away the layers of conditioning.  We embrace the shadows and the light.  We let go of the past to make space for who we choose to be now.  We start to live consciously by being our intent





These are some of the gems in our healing journey.  We explore them with you.  As we are guided to more gems, we share them here 

Abstract Waves


Infinite interpretations of "life" and its experiences

Savoring the flavor

Exploring unconditional love consciousness

Now that we're living with intent and choosing conscious evolvement, we get to explore it and enjoy it

Keep clear, stay present, let the Universe lead you to enlightenment

Purple Glow




Life is a conscious meditation.  This is where we say, "As many as possible."  The work you do solo reflects in the collective.  Shine your light