Quiet and clear the mind through the breath.  Here's what we do:

  • get comfortable

  • inhale, draw the air in from the root, up the spine, around the skull to the forehead, resting on the third eye.  Hold

  • When ready, begin the exhale.  First, through the nose, clearing the mind, eyes, and ears.  Finish the exhale through the mouth, pushing the air down the front of the body, squeezing the core and forcing it out the root

This breath connects our three main energy centers--intuition, heart, and mind.  Get your energy with you by being present


Intent is your mission statement for life.  It's your core, the purest part of you.  When you sit with yourself, what is it that you choose for this life?  What would you like to give?  Intent is infinite and is in everything.  It's your energy signature.  Your intent is in all you do, think, feel, and say.  It's what you are.  Ask yourself, "Am I living my intent, in every moment?  Am I coming from love or fear?"  


The only way to consciously be your intent is to live in the present moment.  That means letting go of the past and the future.  It IS easy to let it all go.  If you're living in the past, you're missing what's happening now and that's where your power is--NOW!  You know how to breathe, you have an intent, NOW is when we combine them to get us into presence

Unconditional Love for Self


YOU KNOW YOU!  Work with what you have--your body, your heart, your mind.  That's your vessel.  This is where you can get to know you:  ASK QUESTIONS.  This is your life.  Get to know yourself.  Feel what love feels like to you.  If you don't love who you are, why?  You can change anything about you.  Sit in the observer seat, become aware of your emotions, thoughts, habits, and cycles.  See them as positive learning experiences.  You are working with YOU to heal you.  Listen to your intuition, trust it.  Let go of what's not working and fill that void with Unconditional Love.  Explore it and build on it

Tools for Conscious Evolvement

Here's what adds to our unconditional love consciousness:

  • Movement=Evolvement:  to evolve, we need to make the first move.  GET PHYSICAL.  The body is always communicating with us.  Any dis-ease and dis-comfort is the body sending an S.O.S. message.  LISTEN.  Any unprocessed emotions and thoughts store in the body, manifesting as dis-easement.  Get it out!  Move the body!  What comes up emotionally and mentally as the physical body moves?  Allow it to release itself.  Keep cleaning up your vessel, your journey into unconditional love has momentum now!

  • Reflection-Projection:  the name says it all.  What we project, reflects.  What's going on internally that's reflecting in my external environments?  THE CHEAT CODE IS TO CHOOSE TO PROJECT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Those projections are easy to catch when we're consciously being and giving unconditional love

  • WE-ME:  there is no ME without the WE.  What we give to the ME, we give to the WE.  Simply being in this awareness helps us live and give unconditional love​

We share what helps us.  We learn from each others' experiences..  What keeps you moving forward?​

Explore and Thrive

Life is like a video game:  the first go-round is all about the win.  When we play it again, we explore it, have fun with it, and find even more hidden gems.  Now that we're living consciously, with intent, we can explore life, enjoy the ride, and pick out more gems.  We can savor life's flavors.  We get to look at all our experiences and learn from them, constantly!  There are an infinite amount of ways to interpret and experience "life."  Build that intuition muscle, it's the direct line to Universal communication.  That's special for each of us (and difficult to put into words).  Let your Universe lead you to infinite moments of enlightenment

We like to "clear the board" from moment to moment.  It's our reset button.  Breathe, get present and clear, and create that space for newness to enter 

Be & Allow

BE YOU.  Honor all life by ALLOWING them to BE them.  Yes, we will experience highs and lows.  We're human.  Two questions:  1)  What's my intent? and 2)  What consciousness am I operating in?  You are a seed of consciousness and your Intent is the soil.  How do you choose to nurture and grow that seed?  We're here to cherish it all.  We own all our moments and live them fully.  We appreciate this life and thank our Universe often.  The WE that is Oneness chooses unconditional love


From this awareness, what can WE create?