How I Began and Where I’m Headed

Born and raised in Saint George, Utah, Christa has been engulfed with the love of ENERGY & ENERGY HEALING for over 5 years.  

Her journey started with her mother, the late Jana Gross.  Jana, also an intuit, broke the chains of the traditional and conditional world for and with Christa from birth.  

Together as Mother and daughter, they explored the modalities of the Universe and its wonders.

She furthered her education in her adult life with a degree in Literature from Dixie State University.  

With her background, she has blended the two worlds, the logical and emotional, to "see" where her intuit gifts have provided her with the opportunity in the world of ENERGY & ENERGY HEALING.

Christa committed herself to the art of ENERGY & ENERGY HEALING, with her constant trainings in art of recapitulation