Oneness is...ALL of us

To heal the world, we have to heal ourselves first.  That's what Oneness is:  regular people that choose to be Unconditional Love.  Oneness is a collective community, regardless of where we all live.  We can choose to live in that healing vibration.  We can work together to heal.  We do not enable each other.  We hold ourselves accountable.  Unconditional Love is ruthless.  That's what makes it beautiful.  It always serves the evolvement of the whole

Our personal services are available to any and all willing to invest in their individual work, starting with the inside.  We are honored to assist in your healing as we visit one-on-one.  Whether it's healing from the past, a one-time life coaching session, or continuing mentoring, we are available!

This is us:


You know those people that are natural-born healers, who are always giving and serving their communities, wherever they may be?  Shawn is a healer, through and through.  From Maui, Hawaii, Shawn has the intuitive, healing gifts of the Polynesian lineage.  With permission, he taps into what you are needing and relays that valuable information to you for your healing.  He's on the quest for Unconditional Love and knowledge, as both are infinite.  He's honored to share his gifts with all life


Caregiving is Christa's specialty.  Growing up in southern Utah and caring for her elders, she learned the importance of healing from the past, voicing our feelings, and caring for the self.  She deepens her journey into Unconditional Love by following her emotional compass..  We have only walked in our own shoes, no on else's.  That is the key to Christa's gifts:  listening,  She considers it an honor to be in the trusted space of listening to life stories and offering trinkets of healing