Ancient Hawaiian Touchless Lomi


Ancient Hawaiian Lomi

Touchless Lomi is designed to share this ancient knowledge from our Hawaiian Ancestors, through energetic healing lines. My goal to to teach this technique to all who wish to learn to heal THEMSELVES. 

Ancient Indigenous peoples lived as one with the land. Lomi Lomi Massage, La’au Lapa’au (Plant Medicine), Pule (prayer) and even Lua (Hawaiian Martial Art) were, in various forms, a part of daily life.  Since every form of Life was considered family by the Ancient Hawaiians, this would include the body, emotions, thoughts, spirit, plants, rocks, elements, motion, touch and attention.  In this way, plant remedies, healing touch, massage tools, and the energetics of attention was uncovered and nurtured.  According to the earliest records, everyone grew up absorbing aspects of healing from the land, elders, and their own experience.This form is appropriate for those in emotional, mental, or physical transition — from jobs, relationships & deaths, among others -— and works with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ancestral, and energetic bodies in motions which inhabit the resonance of Life Itself.